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Cravings… they are REAL! Paleo Pregnancy

  In case you missed the big news…. read this first! Then come back to read more about how I am coping with cravings during my mostly AIP paleo pregnancy In Brazil pregnant women are very special. They get to … Continued

There is something that I have been hiding from you all….

    …I am going to have a baby!   I remember when I first got diagnosed with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) my doctor explained that I had a chronic illness with no clearly known cause or cure. He told … Continued

European-Style Drinking Chocolate (AIP, Dairy-free)

  I miss Spain. The fashion (oh the scarves and boots), the schedule (breakfast at 11 and lunch at 3 with a nap afterwards, yes please!) and the food. Fresh seafood, “tortilla de patata” made with eggs onions and potatoes, … Continued

When more isn’t always better – Exercise (my movement makeover)

  I was an exercise junkie, cardio queen, gym rat and long distance runner through most of my teenage and young adult years. I felt panicky and uncomfortable when I didn’t get in my workout for the day, be it … Continued

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