Slightly lost…. or completely lost?

Slightly lost…. or completely lost?


By now you might all be wondering if I disappeared off of the face of the planet or decided to quit the internet. Both are a little bit true….


Since my last post a lot has happened, most of it completely life-changing:


1) My husband’s permanent residency (and therefore ability to enter the USA) was approved!

It took about 40 million documents, translations, uncountable headaches and over a year and FINALLY we can visit my family. Immigration is complicated…too complicated, but we won’t go into that here.


Visa in hand and ready to go!
Visa in hand and ready to go!


2) We temporarily moved to the Pacific Northwest!

After living abroad for most of the past 6 years (in Spain, Brazil and Mexico) we are going to start out life with our new baby close to my family. My mom is very excited to have her new grandson nearby! I am excited to spend more time with my family and enjoy the holidays here! Tropical Christmas just isn’t the same…

We are not exactly sure how long we will be here, or where we will be next. Spending some time in the USA is the only real way to find out if it is a good fit for us.


Hungry yet?
Hungry yet? My parents´ home-grown cows!

3) I had a baby!!!!


Our beautiful baby boy arrived on June 9th. He is healthy and happy and has me totally preoccupied! We have only left the house once in the past month (except for daily walks to visit the cows pictured above). I am 100% focused on keeping him, myself and our family as healthy as possible right now. Being born/ giving birth is a pretty big deal and it is equally important for both of us that I keep my autoimmune disease under control. My biggest triggers are stress and lack of sleep… both of which are big parts of being a new mom. So far I am doing well, even on 5 hours of sleep or less, but a nasty cold and cough has reminded me how easily I can get run-down.


Here is our super awake baby at just 1 day old!
Here is our super awake baby at just 1 day old!
What being a new mom really looks like: unwashed hair, dark circles under the eyes, utter and complete avoidance of real pants and JOY!
What being a new mom really looks like: unwashed hair, dark circles under the eyes, utter and complete avoidance of real pants and JOY!    This was taken 1 week after he was born 🙂


Becoming a mom has given me a ton of respect for all of you mommies out there, I don’t know how you manage to keep track of multiple children, your health and your jobs all at the same time! Especially the bloggers… all I seem to want to do on the internet these days is research cloth diaper brands and buy baby stuff. How you all can productively blog as well as keep up with everything that being a mom entails is simply beyond me.

I DO plan on continuing to blog once the dust settles a little bit…and have a few posts already brewing in my brain. If my brain could type while I nursed I would already be caught up, but unfortunately looking at instagram pictures is about as close as I get to multitasking while nursing so it might be a while. Once I have a little more time to type (which will only happen once I have a little more time to sleep) you can look forward to hearing about the rest of my Paleo/AIP pregnancy, Paleo/AIP breastfeeding and my shock at joining this new and Paleo-ified version of the USA!


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congrats! Stay well! Good luck with it all!

  2. Thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear your little family is going so well! I’ll be here for the next chapters…

    • Slightly Lost Girl

      Thanks Meg!!!! Haha as long as you are here I am sure that the next chapters will be AWESOME!

  3. Congratulations! Was super curious to hear how things had been going since the arrival of your son. And welcome back to the USA!

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