I am Mikaela, but my friends call me “Mika” (Mee-ka) and I am the writer behind Slightly Lost Girl. I write about healing autoimmune disease with whole foods and lifestyle changes. My posts include information about the autoimmune protocol, which is a special diet to heal autoimmune disease, my personal trials and triumphs, and a handful of recipes. You can read more about my food and health history, or about fighting Crohn’s disease by clicking on the respective links. I hope you enjoy reading!

Below you can find more details about me and my favorite things!

I love teaching and learning languages. I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently and have spent the past four years teaching English in Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. I have learned just as much from my students as they have from me. We have a tendency to think that just because things are always done a certain way, that they are normal. I have learned that normal is relative, and depending on where you are, it can be very different. Things that are expected commodities for some, are distant dreams for others.

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Learning about food with my students in Brazil

 I have never been one to do things halfway and was willing to compromise my physical and mental health to get where I wanted to go fast. I always thought sleep was a waste of life and didn’t want to miss a moment. I was the first one up, last one to sleep, nothing was too much for me. In college I frequently pulled all-nighters to do my homework or study for tests after getting off work at midnight. I waited tables at a popular sports bar and rarely had food in my refrigerator. My meals were mistakes from the kitchen or side salads and soup that we got to eat for free. For me “healthy” was not eating very much and working out at the 24 hour fitness when there weren’t enough hours in the day. I worked, studied, and socialized instead of sleeping.

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease it was like a slap in the face. I couldn’t run through this one like I had run through stress fractures and bronchitis. It was a big, fat, stop sign in my life. In spite of my attempts I also couldn’t deal with this by myself either. I have needed the help of my family, friends, in-laws, and even the kindness of random strangers to make it through. It has taken me years of hoping for a magic cure to realize that the opposite of what I have always done is what I need. Who needs sleep? Unfortunately me. Eating the entire rainbow? Also me. No more cheesy pizza ever again? You guessed it – me again. Quitting my stressful job that I love? Non-negotiable, if I want to get back to being me again. Well… not “don’t stop til you drop” me, but new, healthy, happy, alive me. It has taken me years of mistakes and suffering to arrive where I am now, and I am still only about 80% of the way to health.

PicsArt_1400177282453 Really sick me, and almost starting to be healthy me!

Since I graduated from college I have lived on three different continents. This also means that I have had colonoscopies and been hospitalized on three different continents. I moved to Spain to be an English teaching assistant after finishing college, and stayed there for two and a half years. During this time I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and also met my now husband Edi. We decided to move to Brazil where we then got married and spent almost three years. Financial problems, as well as my own health struggles, and ultimately the continuous violence in our hometown, prompted us to make another drastic move.

We are now living in Mexico.  My husband continues to work in construction and I am taking time off to try to get healthy using sleep, diet, and all of the walks on the beach that I can manage. My husband continues to be my rock and is an amazing support through all of my trials.

Hopefully by telling you about my blunders, triumphs, and embarrassing moments I will be able to help you on your personal journey to health and happiness.



   My husband and I at dinner…always terrifying me and making me laugh at the same time